Summer fun and sailing sometime in Europe


Hey I am a first timer to Europe and will be travelling alone, is anyone else planning on doing this tour sometime in july that will also b a lone traveller?


Hey, I’ve just booked summer fun + sailing, leaving on the 29th of June, and will also be a lone traveller, can’t wait to go tho should be an amazing time


I am booked on the same tour! 29 June Should be incredible!


Hi I to am doing this trip in July on my own but am really looking forward to it.


Hi all, I’m doing this on 8th June - sounds Grand!


HI, Myself and a friend have booked but will be on the August the 3rd tour


I think I’m going to be booking onto this tour on the 13th July :slight_smile:


im doing this on July 5th from Australia. anyone else??


Hey Guys

I’m booked in for the Summer Sailing Europe Tour beginning July 6th but unfortunately I can no longer make it.
Let me know if you can go instead!!
Tour is fully booked and is currently in my name. I will pay for the name change.
The cost is NZ$4528 and begins July 6th, finishes the 31st.

My email is



Hi All,

I’m traveling Solo and have booked myself in for the Summer Fun and Sailing departing London on the 8th of June.

I’m going to be in London for a few weeks before hand and plan to continue traveling for some time afterward.

If you feel so inclined, get in touch if you’re on the same tour!



I’m booked to do this trip on the 8th June and will be in London a week before…
Would be good to have some friendly faces!


Im also doing this tour leaving Jun 29th :slight_smile: Im traveling with a friend and we are also going to be staying at the clink prior to departure, just seeing how else might be there prior :slight_smile: Should be great cant wait!!!