Summer Fun and Sailing SEPTEMBER 2ND


Hey guys! I’m Jessica from Adelaide and I’m doing the Summer Fun and Sailing Europe tour from the 2nd to the 29th of September. I travelling with 5 other friends. Who else is going?!
See you then! Xo


Hey Jessica. I’m also doing the same tour only travelling solo :slight_smile: are you heading to london before the tour starts?


Yeah! were all heading to London before the tour, are you?


Yup flying out of Auckland on 29th August :slight_smile:


We fly out the 28th! We will see you there! X


For sure :slight_smile: are you staying at wombats? Add me on Facebook sean-maree Parkinson


yeah we are, ill add you now xo


Hi @Sean-maree and @jessicalscheer,
My boyfriend and i are also doing this tour departing 2 Sept! We are from Auckland and staying at wombats the night before the trip starts :slight_smile:


Ah, yay! My friends and I have found more people from NZ who are saying at the Wombats as well! Theres going to be so many of us there, not long to go now xo


hey guys im going to add you all on facebook and add you to the group chat


or you can add me on facebook Lauren, cause it wont let me add you for some reason.
Jordan Holdsworth


Hey Lauren! Add me on Facebook and i can add you into the group chat! Jordan and I are travelling together! :slight_smile: