Summer fun and sailing sept 7th 2012


hay all iv just booked this tour and am going by myself
would love to know who else will be going on it as well :slight_smile:


Hey Tammy!

I’m doing this tour too, so it’s great to touch base with someone I’ll meet next year! ;D

Originally I had a friend doing this with me but she has just bailed unfortunately, so I will be on my lonesome too.

Look forward to meeting you and anyone else on this tour!

What are you plans prior and post tour? I’m planning on doing a working holiday in London after backpacking a bit more etc…


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hi ashliegh excited to know someone else is doing this tour by themselfs im flying into london on the 4th of sept probably will stay at the clink but after im doing a working holiday of england aswell n visiting family


Hi Tammy and Ashleigh i booked this tour also and I’m excited there is others travelling by themselves. Look forward to meeting you both. I’m staying at the clink the night before.


hi emma wen do u fly into london?


Hey at this stage i’m flying in on the 6th of August… I’m traveling with my partner in Canada/Alaska/USA before coming over.


Hello Emma and Tammy!

Lovely meeting you both. I’m landing in London around 4th August (havent booked yet) but that’s my plan. Will back pack some round europe/uk then start the tour. My bf may join my for some of this journey.

Tammy - Where/what is the clink?

Emma - awesome re canada/usa - let me know if you need any tips as I lived in Canada in 2009 for UNI! Woo hoo another working holidayer!


ashliegh the clink is the hostel that the tour leaves from im pretty sure its on oxford street im thinking i will stay there the night before wat are you planing on doing for work ashleigh?
and emma sounds like a good holiday :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Here is all the info about the Clink:

Clink78, 78 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9QG

Happy Travelling
Topdeck Team


wow studying and travelling in Canada would of been awesome. We have booked two insight (Grand canadian rockies and alaskan cruise/ Best of Eastern Canada) tours as my partner only has a limited time off, so we are packing in as much as we can in 6 weeks!

Do you suggest anything we must see or do?


Hey Ashleigh do you think u will go to the olympics in London?


r either of you staying in london after the tour if you are wat are u doing for accomidation?


Yeah i’m staying bout 40mins out of London with an exchange teacher… Your best bet is shared accomodation, hostels or b&b’s if your travelling round.


yeah im thinking either shared accomidation or live in pubwork


Hey do you girls know if topdeck make reservations at a beer tent in Munich for Oktoberfest?


nah i dont know


Hey there everyone, I’m also coming on this tour and it’s good to know others are in the same situation as me. I’ll already be working in London by then as I will be arriving in March, but will be good to know other Aussies are on here! Just thought I’d say hello :slight_smile:

Oh, and re Canada/USA - I have been to both a few times and visited friends/driven around with friends. Lake Louise/Banff is just lovely in Canada, and Glacier National Park (there are a few of these) in Montana is stunning! Depends where you are going but I have plenty of tips for that part of the world, if you want them!


hi lily nice to meet you, wat will you be doing with your working part of your holiday im wanting to do bar work and im not sure wether i should go with a job serching agencey or not


Hi Lily any tips would be great about Canada and Alaska! We are travelling with Insight and doing 2 tours so everything is pretty well planned. We go to the places you have mentioned and we are looking forward to the 100th Calgary Stampede!

Have a great Christmas everyone!