Summer fun and sailing leaving august 7th anyone!


hey,[br][br]I’m just curious if anyone else is booked on this tour. I’m travelling on my own and at the moment it seems that im the only one on this tour as well. It would be great if there were others ha ha [br][br]thanks heaps :slight_smile:


yeah i’m thinking of booking this tour on the 7th. looks awesome. anyone else doing this one???


Hey [br]I am booked on this tour as well ![br]I fly out on the 4th August from Sydney. [br][br]


Hi, [br][br]I am going on this tour also![br][br]I am flying out of Oz on the 4th of August and arriving on the 5th. [br][br]Staying at the Generator Hostel for the two nights before the tour departs.[br][br]Are you guys travelling on your own or with friends?[br][br]Ashlea[br][br][br]


Hi im also going on this tour. Booked months ago cant wait. [br][br]Im flying into london on the 3rd to stay with some friends for a couple of nights then generator on the night of 6th. Yeah im travelling by myself. I have three close friends who have all down top deck tours by themselves and they said it was awesome. Great way to meet people from around the world.[br][br]All going to plan waiting for visa to come through shifting over there for a couple of years after tour. Anyone else planning on doing the same?[br][br]Oh im from little old NZ. Will be interesting to see if our tour fulls up.[br][br]Maree


Hi :)[br][br]Im off on this tour too, very very excited. yay[br]Im travelling on my own too- so you’re not alone[br]Yet to book somewhere to stay for the night before, looks like the generator will be a popular one![br][br]x x x Sophie x x x


oh and Ashlea im also stopping in the Generator from the 5th till we leave so we can catch up before ;D[br][br]is anyone else staying at the Generator??? 8-)[br][br]xxxxXxxxx


I’m at the Generator 4th and the 5th!!! :slight_smile: doing European Wonder![br][br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue:


hey everyone,[br][br]just thought that i would re-post this and see if there is anyone new booked on the tour !!! would be great if there was.[br][br]kasey


hey guys[br][br]i am also booked on this tour!! i am from aus but have been in london for the past 10 months!! i am so so excited for this trip it is going to be amazing!!! i am also doing this solo so am looking forward to making heaps of new friends!!![br][br]if you guys are going to be around the night before we could meet up for a drink if your keen???[br][br]kylie[br][br]kparker


hey kylie,[br][br]Sooooo keen for that idea. I’ll be in london from the morning of the 5th so yeah anytime. [br][br]Where about are you living at the moment? which part of oz are you from?


hey kase[br][br]i am from the goldy and i am living in putney which is just by wimbledon!!! i will have to work on the thursday but i will prob finish at about 6 so maybe we could meet up around seven ish if you want to add me on facebook (kylie rose parker) and then i can give you my number and you can give me a text when you get here!!! if you have any questions feel free to ask!!![br][br]i am so so so excited!!! lol[br][br]kylie[br][br]kparker


Hey guys,[br][br]I will be around london on the 6th as well so would love to join you for a drink also.[br][br]Maree:)[br][br]Maree:)


hey[br]i am on this tour as well ! [br]is anyone staying on in the U.K to work after the tour


hey guys[br][br]hopefully anyone who is in london before we leave can join us for a drink!!! it will be great to meet up before we go!!! [br][br]jaimi - i have been in london working for the past 10 months and will be coming back to work after we get back!!! i am a nanny over here!! are you planning to stay and work once the trips finished?? what do you do for work??? where are you from?[br][br]kylie[br][br]kparker


hey [br]yeh i am staying on, i have a working visa. so i will be looking for a job and a house ! [br]i am from newcastle, about 2 hours north of sydney. i am a pre school teacher back here but to get money i will do anything in london !! [br]i am really keen to go to octoberfest… what about you, any more plans to travel ?[br]where abouts are living ?[br][br]


Hey Jaimi,[br][br]I have also got the two year working visa and planning on staying in london after the tour so in the same boat![br][br]I am heading to octkobfest in september with some friends that are already living in london. My friend sorted out the accommodaiton etc a while ago so you may want to look into it soon as does tend to book out.[br][br]So when you flying in to london?[br][br]Anyway would be awesome to here how your plans are going Jaimi and if you need to chat with anyone about planning stuff etc. [br][br][br][br]Maree:)


hey jaimi[br][br]well i think you will be sweet to get nanny work if thats what your looking for i found my job before i came over if you have a look on gumtree you can at least get an idea of what is over here!! best website eva!!! i live in putney which is about half an hour out of the city and its wicked i love it!!! i have got lots of travel that i want to do and i am def keen to do octoberfest topdeck also do it and i think it is four to eight days and still avail!!![br][br]maree what are you thinking of doinf for work, travel etc???[br][br]kylie[br][br]kparker


Hi Kylie,[br]Well the plan is to try and get something in admin customer service but will see what happens, probably not the best time to be looking for work but oh well![br][br]I also have a list of things i want to do and have about 3 good friends from NZ who have also recently headed to london. I would love to do a roadie around ireland, edinburgh etc and pretty much all of europe (if that is possible!).[br][br]No set plans at this stage though apart from oktoberfest and my friend just managed to book 54 pound return flights to denmark in october. [br][br]Have you done much travelling yet Kylie? Where are you from orginaly. [br][br]Anyway probably meet you in about 2 months time. [br][br]Maree:)[br][br]Maree:)


hey i am flying in the morning of the 5th, really early. so i will be just going on a little adventure if you want to come.[br]not sure what i want to do after the tour, hopefully stay in london for a while until i can afford to travel again. [br]am keen to go to germany but i cant really book anything until i have people to go with. was thinking of us trying to get on a topdeck tour so everything is orgnized. [br][br]what date do you fly in Maree??[br][br]Thanks Kylie for the website, checked it out looks good. though i was hoping to get a job in a preschool…see how i go hey.