Summer Fun and Sailing- June 24th 2016


Hi guys! I know it’s a million months away but just seeing if there is anybody who is going on this trip next year!
Cheers Kat


Hey!! I have booked this tour for June 24th. I’m 22 from NZ. Anyone else going? :slight_smile:


Hello! Ive just booked my trip today :slight_smile: single traveller and from NZ aswell


Awesome!! Where are u from Georgina ??


I only just discovered this forum!
Myself and my friend Olivia will be on the trip too :smile:


Hello! I’m also from NZ going on this trip on the 24th of June! So excited!!!


Cool! Is anyone else staying at Wombats hostel before the tour??


Hi Everyone! I’ve book for this trip too :slight_smile:️ 27 from Aus and flying solo. Haven’t booked any accomodation for prior to the trip, any suggestions?


Hey I think most of us are staying at Wombats hostel In London. Add the top deck app and come join the chat!