Summer fun and sailing june 17th


Hi My friend and myself will be joining in on the summer fun and sailing tour on June the 17th 2016, just wondering who else may be joining us :smile:


i will also be on this trip! where are you from?


hi im 21 from perth western australia


oh awesome! are you planning any other trips? before or after?


at the moment just saving haha but im thinking Vietnam will be next on my list, have you been on many other topdeck tours ?


Hey, I’m also booked for this trip and I’m 21 too and from sydney :smile:


awesome! are you traveling by yourself ?


Yeah I am ! I arrive in London 3 days before the tour ! What about yourself ?


awh cool! Have you done any travel alone before ? We only arrive one day before and I think one day after the tour as well. Feeling like I still have so much to organise haha


finally figured this thing out! hello there haha


Nah its my first trip overseas and going alone, are you planning anything after ? I’ve left 2 weeks free incase i want to travel with anyone I’ve met !
thinking maybe Barcelona for my birthday
Im just going to wing all the accommodation after the tour hahaha
Add me on fb - Brittany Brimmer :smile:


that would have to be a little nerve racking then! nothing after just yet we fly home the day after the tour im pretty sure. Is your birthday after the tour? I think I added you the other day but I wasn’t sure if it was yourself, my names Kiah Dabinet if it was you I think you accepted haha it wont let me change my name on here its so annoying


Iam on this tour also :slight_smile: Going to Hong Kong and the Philippines first, then arriving in London 3 days before tour!! From Brisbane Australia :slight_smile:


awh nice! is anyone staying at the hotel that the tour starts from the night before ?


My friend and I are both booked in for this trip as well :slight_smile:
We are both 24 and from Brisbane, Australia!
I cannot wait to meet you all!


Hey! I’m booked on this tour! 21, travelling solo from Sydney, Australia! I’m going to be staying at the hostel the tour picks us up from for a few days before the tour if anyone else is as well!
Can’t wait!


awesome! me and my friend booked the night before we arrive in London that afternoon :smile:


Feel free to add me all on Facebook as well :slight_smile: Kate Parker from Brisbane, Australia.

Karly, I just added you!


adding you back now Kate! :slight_smile:


this is so exciting, im booked on this trip too! are you guys staying at the wombat hostel the night before the tour?