Summer fun and sailing June 17 2016


Hey all!! Just seeing if anyone else has booked this tour as well? Still ages away but Iam already so excited. Traveling solo from Brisbane Australia :slight_smile:


I am! I’m 19 from NZ :slight_smile:


Hi i am also on this trip! 23 from NZ!


Yay! Where in NZ are you Holly?


in auckland! where are you?


I’m in Palmy! Are you traveling anywhere else before or after the trip?


Hey first I’m doing the top deck tour and then doing sail Croatia on the 16th of July. How about you?


Add me on facebook we can chat on there! Holly Mccrindle


Hey, I’m also booked for the 17th june summer fun and sailing for this year too !
Im also going solo ! Cant wait only 5 months away :smile:


awesome! where are you form?


I’m from Sydney Australia, I’m also doing the Croatia sail but not until the 30th July !
When do you arrive in London ?


add me on facebook holly mccrindle easier to talk on there!


Considering doing the same dates! ekkkk


Hi! my friend and I are also on this trip! 21 from Perth Australia!


A friend and I are also booked on this tour!
Both 24 travelling from Brisbane, Australia, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m joining this tour! Travelling solo 21 from Sydney Aus :slight_smile: Can’t wait!!!


Feel free to add me all on Facebook as well :slight_smile: Kate Parker from Brisbane, Australia.


Add me too! Karly Heather on facebook :slight_smile:


everyone download the app! and we can all chat on there!


You guys booked so early! Me & my boyfriend are also booked on this tour and will be in Athens the night before if you guys want to go for a drink. Seems I am going to be the token Brit on the trip!