Summer fun and sailing june 16th 2017


Hi everyone! I’ve just booked the summer fun and sailing trip leaving london on the 16th June 2017! Just wondering if anyone else has booked the same tour!?

Cheers, Kat!


Hi Kat!

I have also booked the summer fun and sailing trip leaving on the 16th of June. Where abouts are you from?


Hi Sarah!

Awesome… I’m 29 and from Melbourne Australia. I’ll be arriving a few days before the tour starts and then staying back a little longer. Where about will you be coming from? Do you have any other travel plans!?


Hi Kat,

I’m 21 from Auckland New Zealand, My plans are to arrive in London the 13th of June and then stay till the 18th of July. Thinking of doing a double decker bus tour around London first to get my bearings. Haven’t booked any accommodation yet but thinking of staying at the hostel we leave from 2 nights before hand. What are your travel plans?


I also arrive on the 13th of June and am sorting out accommodation soon for it, it will either be at the same place we start the tour from or one close by! A double decker tour sounds good… a great and fun way to see the city!!
After the tour I am staying until the start of August an am planning to go back to Italy and seeing places we missed in the tour!
Have you been to Europe before? This will be my first time…


Hi Kat,

This is also my first time to London/Europe. Sorting my accomodation out later this week. Thinking of staying at the ibis hotel for the first night. Its about a 9 minute walk to Wombats hostel where I will stay the two nights before we leave. Are you keen to meet up in London before the tour? If your keen maybe we could do the double decker bus tour around round together? Have you sorted your accomodation yet?