Summer fun and sailing June 10th 2016


Is anyone doing summer fun and sailing leaving 10th of June??


Hi im looking at booking this tour. Im Steve from Melb.

Have you booked?


Hey i’ve just booked this tour! :laughing:
Has anyone else booked?


Hey guys I’ve booked! So excited! Coming from New Zealand😊


Just booked. Looking forward to this.


I’m coming from NZ too! :smile:
Can’t wait! When will you guys be in London?


Omg cool! What part of NZ. Will be there 4th of June coming a week early😊J


I live between Auckland and Christchurch! I arrive on the 7th. :smile:
Definitely not going to miss the Chch winter! so excited for another summer!


I’ve booked this tour! Will be in London 6th June :smiley:


Cool! Are you staying at wombat hostel for the first few days??


Yep 8th and 9th night :slight_smile: you?


Yeah I’ll be there on the 9th, so exciting!