Summer Fun and Sailing June 06


Hi there, [br][br]I’m booked on the summer fun and sailing tour leaving on 13th June, thought I might see if anyone else out there was also going on this one?? [br][br]Em


Hi[br]I went on that trip a few years ago and had a blast. Make sure you take wet weather gear for when you sail (just in case) and do the water sports they offer.[br]Deb8-)


Thanks Deb… appreciate the advice!! :wink:


Hi[br][br]My name is Lauren. I am a Gap student and I am probably going to go on the summer fun and sailing tour on the 8th August. It it quite a lot of money but it does look good. I’m going to have to scrape for enough money and I want to know if it is really worth it. My only other option is a Busabout tour. If anyone out there has done one or both of the tours please give me your feed back. [br][br]Lauren


hi[br][br]it’s Lauren again. I’m also just wondering if there is anyone going on the 8th August tour who would like to meet up with a South African gal. I’d love to meet other people who have similar intrests to me, i.e. having as much fun as possible and seeing as much as I can. my email is look forward to hearing from you.[br][br]Lauren


Hi Lauren,[br][br]My name is Bob and I’m also going on the Summer Fun and Sailing tour on August 8th. I’m glad someone else from the same tour finally posted a message since I’m traveling alone and wanted to meet some of my tour mates before the trip.[br][br]Like you, I definitely want to see everything and have as much fun as possible on the tour. I agree that it is a lot of money but considering everything you get for the price I think it’s a good deal.[br][br]I hope you decide to book the tour for August 8th. At least now you know that you will have a guy from the U.S. on the tour with you.[br][br]Bob[br]


Hi Emily ![br]Im also going on the 13th June ![br]I live just acorss the Ditch from you in Auckland :)[br]Man its cold today , cant wait for anthor summer so soon ![br]Send me a email if ya wont [br]