Summer fun and sailing July 5th 2016


Hey guys!

Just booked for the Summer sailing trip leaving the 5th July! Would love to get to know some people before i leave!
and if any one is from Perth would love to potentially meet up beforehand!

Cant wait!


Me and a mate are going on the same tour as you :slight_smile:
also from perth!


Hey guys, I have just booked the same tour.
I’m 19 and from Sydney. Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


I have just booked myself onto this tour also!
I will be 22 at the time and from New Zealand.
Anyone planning on doing solo travel after the tour?


Thats awesome have you guys booked your flights yet?


Haha so there’s gonna be two Michaels that will be 22 on the same tour!
I haven’t booked flights yet but should probably get onto it soon. Staying a week in England first too :slight_smile:


haha thats hilarious! yea I’m getting into London 2 days before with a friend then she goes off on another tour


can u guys shoot me some advises about the trip as well as any preferable flight detail? thank you


Haha it seems there are always multiple Michaels!
I have booked with Cathay and arrive in London on the the 29th so if any wants to catch up or do some sight seeing before hand hit me up!


Hi! me and my friend Danni are on this tour, were 19 and from perth :slight_smile:


Has anyone had any official information on our trip yet? Specifically where the tour starts from in London, as I would like to stay there the night before and get on to booking that. 5 Months to go team!!


We depart from the London wombats hostel at 6am mate. I’ve booked my accom for the night before, 6am could be interesting… I think a few people will be kicking off the tour hungover haha.


Only way to do it buddy, gotta start in style. Sleep on the bus.


Hey! I’m also booked on this tour, and am also 19 and from Perth!


Hey guys, i’m 22 and from Sydney! Me and two girl friends are doing this tour also :smile:
We are getting into London on the 29th of June! Cant wait


Wombats hostel in London :slight_smile: me and the girls I am travelling with have booked our rooms there for the few days beforehand!


Hi Hayley,
Im also from Perth. I haven’t booked the tour yet but im pretty keen. Would be traveling Solo so a bit nervous haha! It looks like such a great tour though! :smile:


Less than a hundred days to go team!!!


Oh man I’m getting so keen! Just wondering if the people in perth would like to catch up beforehand sometime (soonish) so we’ll have some familiar faces when we get on that 6 am bus?!


Hi Hayley, I’m from Perth, and I would love to catch up before the tour starts :slight_smile: