Hi Everyone! [br][br]Thought I’d start this post for all the people out there joining this trip! [br][br]Can’t wait for it. This NZ winter is arse! [br][br]:)[br][br][br]…>


Hey there,[br]I am doing this trip!!! Im from Aus and will be in london a week before the trip!!![br]I can’t seem to find anyone doing this trip!! Now i have haha!!![br][br][br]KB


Hi there,[br]Anyone out there doing this tour??[br]:slight_smile: :)[br][br]KB


I’m sure we will have a good crew :)[br][br]We staying in London for bout a week before too - staying at Generator Hostel the night before departure[br][br]Not long to go![br][br]…>


No not long to go at all!!! Yeah will be a great trip! See you there :)[br][br]KB


Hi guys!! I am 22 from Adelaide, Australia and also doing the SF&S Tour on the 24th by myself and CANT WAIT!!! i am staying at the Generator too and cant wait to meet everyone, looking forward to some goood times!![br]


Hi AgeyBaby,[br]What dates are you at the generator?? I arrive on the 21st July… Should catch up for a drink or something before the tour starts!![br]Do you have facebook or msn??[br][br]KB


Hello,[br][br]Im going on this trip too… live in the north of England but will be staying at the generator the night before if anyone wants to meet up. [br][br]Hope you all have good journeys over to the UK… Not long now :)[br][br]Nichola x


seriously you guys will all have a BLAST.[br]it was so so much fun, loved every min of it.[br][br]just remember youll be on the bus alot cause its a big distance.[br]take some good books, share around or make up some good games.[br]most people slept for the bus rides.[br]the food is great, try all the different things in greece, the rabbit and octopus were really good.[br]i lived in my thongs, you dont really need heels, but 1 pair is definantly enough.[br]take a universal adapter, my just europian one didnt always fit, and we didnt have enought to share all the time.[br][br]cant think of anything else to tell you atm, if you want info let me know[br][br]Bec[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


Hey thanks for that bec!!![br]Can’t wait going to have a great time! Not long to go at all…[br]Ahh im so confused on what to do with a phone though… what did you do?? [br][br]Kristie-lee[br][br]KB


Hi Kristie-lee[br][br]not sure if you’ve already looked but topdeck has some good offers on special sim cards you can get to put in your existing phone with cheap rates for calls etc…[br][br]Im not too bad as my phone will work quite cheaply in europe but think it would be a good option for you.[br][br]ta nic x [br][br][br]


Hi Nic,[br]Thnaks for that yeah i may look into that andmight be the best way to go!!! [br]do you have facebook or msn?? I dont come here much only check it every now and then! [br]Not long to go now!! This winter here in Aus is a little to cold haha ( but not as cold as it get’s there i bet)[br]Kristie-Lee :)[br][br][br][br][br]KB


Hey guys,[br][br]I’m Eugene from Perth, Australia. Doing this trip on my own. Staying at Thistle Bloomsbury. I get into London 21st July.


Hi all…[br]as a few of us are staying at the generator the night before why dont we set a time and meet up the night before… that way anyone who reads this can turn up if they want to? [br]how about 7pm in reception?[br][br]nic


Hi Kristie[br][br]dont have facebook sorry and i guess your on your way soon so you might not see this before you go.[br]im suggesting to meet up the night before at the generator… would be good to meet folk before we set off…[br]might see you there[br][br]nic x


Hey Nic,[br][br]Good idea. 7pm at Generators on the 23rd.[br][br]I get into London on the 21st of July at 4pm so I can meetup with anyone inbetween. I’m staying at Thistle down the road. Not planning on having a big one on the 23rd. Otherwise, I will definitely miss the bus. :p[br][br][br][br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br]Spending over 2months in Europe travelling.[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza, croatia sailing/greek island sailing, possibly checking out Poland, Oktoberfest then home! :frowning:


Hi Nic,[br]Yeha on my way soon!!! But catching up at the generator the night before sounds great!! in the bar i guess! Ill be staying at the generator all week. [br]So yeah ill see you soon Nic, can’t believe it’s next week!!![br]Look for to this trip with you all! [br]:)[br][br]KB


7 pm in reception is perfect shall be there!!! [br]see anyone reading this there![br][br]KB


Hey guys. Sorry haven’t logged in for a while - we’re currently in turkey and heading to London soon. Can’t wait for the trip![br][br]My gf and I are staying at generator night before so should see you guys then… Oh and don’t worry Euge … We’re the oldies at 26 & 27![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br]…>


Haha! Age doesn’t matter on these trips. Can’t wait to get out of Perth! It’s winter here too. See you all soon! :)[br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br]Spending over 2months in Europe travelling.[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza, croatia sailing/greek island sailing, possibly checking out Poland, Oktoberfest then home! :frowning: