Summer Fun and Sailing July 22nd-August 17th 2016


Just booked the summer fun and sailing tour from July 22nd, anyone else booked on? i am traveling alone and just wanting to get to know some people before we go! :relaxed:


Hi Shayne

I was thinking of another European river cruise with a city tour slotted in between. Vienna is great and we could visit a lot of sights. A half-day tour like this would be awesome. You are up for it?



I’m booked for this tour as well and yup travelling alone. Can’t wait for July to roll around!

Courtney :smile:


I have had my travel buddy bail and so my plans are all out of whack. I still really want to travel Europe but freaking out about doing it solo!! I have looked at this tour or the European getaway :slight_smile:


Hey yeah I’ll also be on this tour can’t wait ! Where are you from ?
I’m also travelling alone :slight_smile:


Oh rad! I’m from Margaret River Wa. Yourself?


I’m from wollongong how long till you head to europe ?is this tour the first thing you’re doing when you get there ?


I head there on the 18th of July, have 3 days in London then the tour :grinning: I have a month of unplanned travel after wards though. How about you? Any plans before or after?


i fly out tomorrow and I’m doing yacht week in croatia before hand then after the trip I’ve got about 6 weeks solo travel as well mate
can’t wait !!


Yeh me either!! See you there haha !