Summer fun and sailing in june 2016!


Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone was going on the same trip starting on June 3rd next year? thank everyone.


Hey! : )
Im travelling on this tour on 3rd June, leaving from London. Are you also booked on this? Amy


Hi there Amy. :slight_smile:
Yes I will be living from London on the June 3nd and going around Europe for the 27day tour.

  Kind regards Damien.


Hi! I’m on the Adriatic Adventure one, leaving London on the 3rd and ending in Venice on the 23rd of june. Is that the same one as you guys? Also looking to meet people on this trip before leaving. Super excited! :smile:


Hello!! Me and my partner are doing the Adriatic Adventure part of the tour also!! Cannot wait! cannot wait to meet you all!


Hello! We are also wanting to get to know people before hand as well! Are you traveling solo?


I’m doing the Summer Fun and Sailing 27 day tour starting in London and ending in London, and am going with one of my best mates.


Are you both from London or just living there?? Me and my partner are from Gold Coast, Australia :slight_smile:


We both are just leaving from London, and both live in a small town in Australia called, Scone. :smile:


Hi! I’m travelling alone, and I’ll be coming from Vancouver! I’m pretty excited about it all!


To all I am now going alone this will be interesting now. But still keen!


Hey everyone I am also on the summer fun and sailing trip leaving London on 3rd June. I’m a solo traveller, 27 from New Zealand :slight_smile:



I am also thinking about booking this trip, I am a solo traveller from Australia - pretty keen!


Ahh im gutted now! Im on the 31st may trip summer fun and sailing!


I’m locked in! Amy you should definitely see if you can change to this one


I’m now not going on this trip in till August 19th, I’m really gutted about it but family comes first.


Hey :grinning: I am booked on the summer fun and sailing trip that leaves London August 19 is that the trip you are on ?


Hi all, also a solo traveller from Aus on the Summer Fun & Sailing leaving 3rd June :slight_smile:


Hey Madison, yes that would be the same trip as me, are you staying in London the day/night before the tour? :smile:


Hey everyone! I am travelling from Canada doing the European horizons tour (part of this summer sailing trip) so I meet up with you all in Rome. So excited and I am travelling solo. Anyone have any travels plans after?