Summer Fun and Sailing departing July 3


[br]Hey there everyone, [br][br]A couple of friends are coming to Europe for Summer fun and Sailing in July from Canada, We were wondering who else is coming around that time? Anyone else booked this tour?[br][br]Also, for those past summer fun and sailing tour groups, any tips?[br]what was your favourite place?[br][br]Thanks[br][br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


Please check out the facebook group for Summer Fun and Sailing.[br]here’s the link:[br][br][br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


For information on Visa’s[br][br]go to:[br]or [br][br][br]Im pretty sure if you have a Canadian passport we will need an Albanian visa, i think we are good for every other country. (correct me if im wrong)[br][br]Thanks[br][br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


hi all,[br][br]i’m booked in for july 3 :slight_smile: bit of a spin out that its less than a few months away eh. hows all the prep going? i’ve got the ball rolling by deciding on a pack rather than a suitcase haha… haven’t done this sorta travel before and its the first time that i’ll be actually LEAVING the country! [br][br]I’m marc, 24, melbourne, student.[br][br]cheers


Hey Marc, [br][br]its great that u booked :)[br]There’s another couple of girls coming from Austrailia too…[br]Check out the facebook group you might know them :)[br][br]Its exciting, cant wait![br]Why did you choose a pack over a suitcase?[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


Anyone else going on this trip??[br][br]Summer Fun and Sailing [br]July 3, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


hi there.[br][br]i thought a backpack might be easier to manage around europe, and from what i’ve heard from others with stairs, bad weather etc. dont think we’ll be wheeling luggage through snow at the time we’re going though![br]have had a look at some other forums and theres not really a stand out type. the contiki site has some discusion pages that might be worth a look… am still undecided and am leaning towards just using what i have at home (luggage) instead of buying. [br][br]a few more weeks and we’ll be off in a month! so i should really get onto to it eh… are you taking a light weight/summer sleeping bag? i thought of even just using single sheets, but might be skimping a little…[br][br]cheers,[br]marc