Summer Fun and Sailing departing July 1st 2016!


Hi Everyone!

Just wondering if anyone on here is heading on this trip on that date? Would love to connect with anyone else heading on that trip.




Hi Rosie,

I just signed up to join this trip! I would love to connect with you before the trip!

Just a bit about me:
I am 23 living in NC, USA. Recently graduated college (May 2015) and working in business.

Would love to connect on FB or whatever



Hi Kiera,

Hope you don’t mind if I message you over fb if I can find you!

I’m 25, a Nurse, working in Operating Theatres here in New Zealand. Not long to go :smile:


Hey guys I am also on the tour!! Getting super excited.
I’m Rach, 22 uni student from Australia working as a waitress
Hope to connect with you guys beforehand. :blush:


Hi Rach!

Going to be a sweet trip it’s getting so close now!


Hey Girls, I’ll also be on this tour! I’ll be joining in Paris with my cousin, Tanya.

We’re both 20-year-old UNI students from Wollongong and Sydney (Australia).

Not long to go now!!


Hey guys i’m Ryan and i’ll be coming on the trip as well :slight_smile: i am a 21 year old uni student from Western Australia and i’m pretty excited for the trip to start! :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan!

Looks like lots of us are travelling alone - it’d be cool for all of us to meet up the day/night before the trip leaves!


thankfully i am travelling with my girlfriend but we’d still like to make sure we aren’t loners! haha :slight_smile: we will be there from the 29th but meeting up the night before would be good! :slight_smile:


Oh awesome!

Haha that’s true no one wants to be loners , so maybe we’ll arrange some kind of meet up at the backpackers closer to the leave date!


Definetly keen to meet up the night before the tour starts!! Not long to go now!! Getting excited


Hey Guys!

Super keen for this trip! I’m a 20 year old student from Sydney, Australia and I’m travelling with a good mate :slight_smile:
I will be in London staying at Wombats from the 24th of June. If anyone else will be there a few days before lets meet up and start the fun early!

Give us a cheeky stalk on Facebook to chat!


Hey Guys,

I’m Tom’s mate, Tom - Also a 20 year old student from Sydney :slight_smile: Will absolutely be in London a few days before the trip leaves. We’re super chilled, stoked for this trip and we goin in!

Not long to go now :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you all!


I’ll be at the backpackers for 2 nights leading up to when we go - super keen for drinks!

Everyone should get in on the topdeck app so we can all be on the group chat and find each other!


Awesome Rosie! We will definitely have to organise a meet up drinks! I’m on the app now… !


Hey guys, I’m Bec! Myself and 5 of my friends (all girls) will be on this trip :slight_smile:
We are all 20-21, Uni students and from Western Sydney (Aus)
Looking forward to meeting you all


Hey everyone!
I’m also on this trip and travelling alone, my first time going to Europe.
My name is Hayley, I’m 22 and studying at the University of Wollongong (Australia).
Can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey guys!!
My name is Christie, and I’m 21 from Brisbane, Australia! My friend Simone and I will be coming on this trip. So excited to meet you all!!! Not long to go now :smiley: