Summer Fun and sailing Aug23rd


Hey is anyone going on this trip - 23rd Aug-17th Sep?? (I think I?ve got the dates right!) Leaving from London.[br]Joanna x


Hi Joanna,[br][br]I’m doing the European Horizons which joins your tour in Rome.[br][br]I hear the trip is full which will be great.[br][br]Just thought I would say hi.[br][br]Cheers, Vicki


Joanna,[br][br]I am going on this trip with a friend of mine, Chloe. We are both from Brisbane Aus. No long now…[br][br]Alia


hi guys[br][br]i am also going on the trip. i can’t wait. i am from melbourne traveling alone[br][br]sam


I?m travelling on my own too…but I can?t wait!! I?ve spent the last few weeks doing job applications so feel I deserve a holiday!


only 19 days to go !!!


Hey Guys![br][br]My friend and I are doing the Bohemian Escape, so we meet up with you guys in Rome! Can’t wait![br][br]Have any of you received your travel documents?[br][br]Crystal