Summer Fun And Sailing Aug 9th


Hey guys n gals,[br][br]Just checking to see if anyone in this forum is going on this tour, would luv 2 have a chat see if you have any great travel tips or extra tours that are worthe going on.[br][br]Cheers[br]Brittany[br][br][br]Brittaz


Heya! I just posted a topic about this tour and then flicked through and saw that you already have! Yes, i am planning on being on this trip, I can’t wait. I’m 25, from New Zealand, travelling alone. You??


ello ello,[br][br]oh yay i was freaking out that no1 was going on this trip haha, yeah im 20 from Australia based in Melbourne first time overseas should be an exciting one, where stayin in London for 2 days prior to the tour u got any good places u can recommend to stay?? where thinkin of stayin @ the pick up place but dunno yet, im travelling with my sister Stacey who’s 22, should be fun chat soon[br]Britt[br][br]Brittaz


heya,[br]im arriving in london on 4 august and staying with a friend of mine who lives in london. i have no idea about good places to stay, ive never been over there!![br]man, its so exciting and terrifying all at the same time, the furthest ive been from from nz is australia but Europe is the other side of the world!!! Lucky i have a few friends there i suppose. so it seems to me right now that we are the only people who plan to do this tour!!??


heya,[br]i know what the heck everytime i do a bulletin no 1 responds…not lookin good haha…hopefully ppl are just bein lazy and don’t do these forum chat things b4 a trip fingers crossed ey, yeah well furthest ive been is NZ haha went to the north island, went to rotarua, taupo etc excuse the spelling its probs wrong haha, well il keep u posted if i hear of any more ppl haha chat soon[br][br][br]Brittaz


hi guys my name is claire! im planning on goin on this tour hopefully get it all booked next week, im 19 living in the uk at the momment orignally from australia in melbounre, im travelling alone and excited about getting about seeing places and meeting new people :)[br][br]claire xx[br][br]clairey


oh awesome, hi claire well u probs know about me and danae goin on this tour, should be good awes, best time of yr to be goin aswell can’t wait… il see you in 4 weeks haha…[br]cheers[br]Britt[br][br]Brittaz


haha sweet glad there are people going i started to get worried myself! are you staying at the globe the night before? xx[br][br]clairey


heya girls!! im off to book the tour this weekend, YAY!!![br]how much does it cost for the globetrotters?? maybe it would be good to stay there the night before.[br]also im having a dilemma about whether to take a backpack or wheel suitcase?? HELP!!!


yep sure am, stayin at globetrotters for 2 nites…7th and 8th… won’t get there on the 7th til late at night coz i flight comes in at 5pm, mite not get there til 7-8pm…oh how exciting…im so pumped. [br][br]i bought my back pack couple of weeks ago… n its a half back pack half suitcase its got shoulder straps n wheels…is a total gem cost me $150 really cheap from katmandu i think…[br][br]try n find one of them :)[br][br]Brittaz


hey im stayin at the globe on the 8th as well so i shall see you guys there![br][br]i have a backpack becuase its just easier to get around instead of dragging suit cases around everywhere… although it does limit you to what you can take. so excited not long left :slight_smile: i am travelling alone as well bit scared about that, but im sure we will have a great time :)[br][br]clairey


anyone have facebook?[br][br]clairey


Hey!! [br][br]I’m booking this trip tomorrow, I really hope they still have space! My name is Michelle, 21, from Perth and travelling on my own! It’s my first big trip overseas by myself so really excited! Should be awesome! Also staying at Globetrotters so will hopefully see u all there![br][br]Mish


Hi Michelle, oh thats awesome, yeah well im travelling with my sis shes 22 im 20 1st time to Europe should be exciting, where from melbourne… oh thats good as that ur stayin at globetrotters be able to meet up before hand. this tour seems amzing my fav part will be goin to Venice and the greek islands sounds beautiful. Speak soon[br][br]Britt :)[br][br]Brittaz


YAY YAY YAY!!! I booked and got one of the last seats!!! So we are not alone!!! WHOOHOO!! Yep ive decided to stay at the globe the night before as well, so we’ll have to all meet up for a few beers ay? Im steering towards a back pack that opens like a suitcase, but not having much luck finding one with wheels. oh its a hard life!!! HAHAHAHa. No, i dont have facebook, im on bebo though.


That’s so great! I booked on sat & the lady said there were only 6 seats left so should be a full house! Can’t wait, I’m getting so excited now! I went to anaconda to look for a backpack, none of them seemed to have wheels but they do open like a suitcase. I get into london at about 3pm on 8 aug then going straight to globetrotters, a beer sounds great, I’m sure I’ll be in desperate need of one by the time I land![br]Is anyone staying at globetrotters when the tour is finished? and for how long? I’m thinking of staying an extra few days to see a bit of london and then maybe head down to spain. [br]I have facebook, search for Michelle Johnstone, pic is of my head & shoulders, looks like I’m not wearing a top! :slight_smile:


oh yay!!! thats awesum news guys… thank god the trip is nearly fully booked at one stage thought it was only gona be us haha… keep lookin for bags with wheels me n my sis found one at a travellers shop in melbs. yeah i have facebook look for Brittany Pearson im the chik with the blonde hair hehe…oh im so excited 3 more weeks n where there. yeah im gona book for globetrotters the day we finish on the tour maybe stay for a night or two then going to germany, ireland or scotland still figuring that part out haha… speak soon guys n yes a beer is so in order :)[br][br]Brittaz


Oh awesome when i booked few weeks ago they said there were only 6 places left as well so thats good at least there are other coming! im staying the night before as well probably get there about 5 or so have to see… but i think a beer sounds like a really good plan… few weeks away rather excited :slight_smile: cant wait to meet you all xx[br][br]clairey


sweet, ive booked a room at the globe the night before. should we all meet at say, 7pm at the bar? (obviously!!!)


yeah sounds good 7pm at the bar, i know what mish n claire look like danae u needa get facebook man haha…[br][br]Brittaz