Summer Fun and Sailing Aug 12-Sept 7, 2016


My bestie and I (22yo’s from Melbourne, Australia) are booked for summer fun and Sailing august 12! And then into Trail of Columbus… And soo excited for it too! Anyone out there coming on the trip with us??


Just booked this trip! Travelling solo from Canada. Spending a few days in London before. Can’t wait!


we are joining in Paris :slight_smile: makes me so much more excited knowing others are booking :slight_smile: counting down the days, can’t come quick enough!


I have just had all my trip changed due to my friend pulling out and will be going solo! I have been looking at this tour also around this date :slight_smile: I am from tassie! I will have to keep in contact if I end up booking it!


I think you should definitely book it!! :blush::blush::blush: it’s going to be sooo much fun !! :joy:


Hey all - I’m seriously considering of ditching uni for the semester and doing this tour departing from London on 12th Aug, travelling solo from Sydney… do we think this is the best one to do!!! Cheers :smile:


I say Hell yes to ditching Uni, how could you say no! Trip of a lifetime :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


ahaha… yeah I know hey!! Think I am going to book it, have my spot reserved till Wednesday… Will let you all know!


So did you book it?! :smile:


I’ve booked this trip! 22 y/o, solo traveller from Melbourne (Queenscliff)! Too much excitement!! :grinning:


Woohoo not long now - feels more and more real everytime someone comments that they’re coming on the trip!! So so excited :grin::sunglasses:


Hay guys. Thinking about booking onto this trip. Started this exact trip back in May and broke my leg 6 days in so had to come home for surgery. Just need clearance medically and I’ll definitely be back. Fingers crossed


oh far out how did you break your leg?! Hope you get to come along :slight_smile:


Got caught in a massive hailstorm at the leaning tower of Pisa. Started inning back to the bus and just bailed on some steps. I really hope I can come to. Time of my life those 6 days haha.


Bahaha at least theres an epic story to go with the broken leg :joy::joy::joy: well hopefully you get the all clear :+1::+1::+1:


Hi guys how are you all going I have booked to come on this trip and can’t wait :slight_smile: can I ask have any of you guys got the top deck app??


Sorry also my name is dwayne and I’m traveling solo
I’m from wollongong Australia,it’s hour south of Sydney :slight_smile:


Hi Dwayne! I have the app downloaded and ready to go but just waiting for the booking reference from my travel agent to be able to join up :slight_smile:


Ok then sweet cause there is also another girl on that app :slight_smile: we all would like to talk :slight_smile:


Oh cool :slight_smile: we could make a facebook group too?