Summer fun and sailing April 24th 2017 or 12th of may 2017


I haven’t seen much on the forums in terms of people booking for April 24th 2017 or 12th of may 2017. anyone booking it keen to know people before i put money down?


Hi Sam,

I haven’t booked anything yet, but I am seriously thinking about booking the May 12, 2017 Summer fun & sailing trip. My name is Kelly, I’m a 26 year old female from Vancouver, Canada and I will be travelling solo. It will be my first big trip overseas. Would love to hear if anyone else has booked this trip or if anyone is thinking about booking the same week.



Hey there Kelly!

Its soooo good to hear from somebody haha. i’m 24 and traveling alone. My leave has all been approved for the April 24th tour and I’ve been trying so hard to push it back to the 12th of may so i can enjoy some more of the Europe summer sun! So hopefully i get the all clear soon for it :smiley:

I’m really hoping a lot more people also respond so we have an idea of whos going but i’m so excited to put money down on either trip haha


That’s awesome!! Well whatever tour you end up on I’m sure it will be amazing regardless! :blush::blush:


Well its confirmed i’m putting money down for my tour between the 12th of may to the 7th of June! so excited haha, Have you made a selection yet?? :smiley:


Hey Sam,

That’s great! I still haven’t booked yet. Waiting to hear on a couple of things at work, but this is the tour I’m aiming for. Also, I’m watching the prices on the trip… it was lower last month and just went up so I’m hoping it might drop again before May!


Hi there!
My friend and I have booked the May 12,2017 Summer fun & sailing trip traveling from Australia. Looking forward to meeting you all. :grinning:


Hi All!
My names Claire and I am 22 from Australia! I’ll also be travelling solo :smile: I am booked and going on the May 12th tour! I will also be in London a few days prior…
Looking forward to seeing who comes!!!


Hey clair :slight_smile: and Selam!
That’s so good you’re joining the may 12th group! It looks like we’ve got some pretty awesome people that are going to make it a heap of fun. And I’m dyingggggg for the 50 odd days to pass. I’m also getting to London early and have paid for pre accommodation at the wombats hostel where we all meet!

We’ve created a Facebook group so when you download the topdeck app add the group it’s so much easier to chat and share photos when we’re there :heart_eyes:


Hi guys I’m trying to find the Facebook page for this group but it’s not there. Any one who can help?
And also we are arriving in London the day before our trip starts and we are staying at the hostel(out meeting point) Hop to see you all then. Cheers :grinning: