Summer Fun and Sailing April 2012


Hey :slight_smile:

I have booked my tour to go on the 27th April and I was just wondering if anyone else is going on this tour?

It’s my first time OS and I am travelling on my own so heaps excited!!

Can’t Wait.


Yes! My friend and I are going on the same tour… so exciting! :slight_smile:


Oh I’m so glad someone else is going on the tour at the same time :slight_smile:

I cant wait to meet heaps of new people

Its gonna be so much fun


Hi! I am also doing this tour buy joining in Venice on the 14th of may! I’m female from Adelaide also and traveling alone!


Hi All,
I am joining this tour in Venice as well :slight_smile: Also travelling alone.
Erin are you staying in Venice before the trip?


Hi All

I am also travelling solo and will be doing the Summer Fun and Sailing tour from 27 April
I’m in London from the 22 April and will be staying at the Clink Hostel the night before the tour. Plan on travelling and working in London and going to Spain & Portugal after the tour.
I’m from Perth.