Summer Fun and Sailing 9 June 2017


Hi guys,
Just booked for the 9th June SFS.

My name’s Emma. I’m 29 from Adelaide, Australia and travelling solo to Europe. I would be keen to meet up with some people from the tour prior to the tour.



Hey from Adelaide too! :raising_hand:
My name is Mel, 21 and traveling alone too.
I’ll be on this trip as well. Nice to have another Aussie haha


Hi Mel,

Nice to know I’m not solo traveller. Are you doing anything before the tour start?

Cheers! Emma


Not sure yet. My plans are still up in the air. I’ve been in Europe since January studying and plan to do some camps with school groups at the end of May. So it just depends when that all finishes up and what places I’ve already travelled to by then. I’ve been to London twice so far, but there are still some things I want to do but have saved it for before or after the tour.
Was there anything that you had planned? :slight_smile:


Hi Mel,

That’s great. Hope you have a great time at the camp trip and won’t realise SFS tour is starting soon :blush:
I didn’t have much plan at the moment as I’ll be arriving in London in the noon if I’m not mistaken.

Do you have Facebook or whatsap so we can chat on there?

Exciting time ahead! :airplane:️:ocean::dancer:t2::wine_glass:



I don’t think I’m going to do the camps anymore, just more time to travel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sure, my Facebook is Melissa Sainsbury
There’s also a group chat with other people on this trip on the topdeck app