Summer Fun and Sailing - 8 July 2016


Hi All,

I’ve booked on the summer fun and sailing trip leaving on 8 July.

I’m from Brisbane and am travelling by myself. Would be great to meet anybody else going on this tour.


Hey! I’ve also booked this tour. I’m 26 and travelling by myself from Sydney.

Can’t wait! Bring on missing out on winter!


Hey! I’m 26 as well. Missing winter will be so good. I’m really looking forward to the sailing and warmer weather :slight_smile:


Will be great! Are you doing any travel afterwards? I have another 6weeks in Europe after.


Thats awesome, super jealous. I only have an extra day in London after the tour and then its back home for me. I’ve got about about a week in London first though.


Hey guys
Anyone from Perth doing this tour?


Hi Jacob. I’m in London 3 nights before the trip starts - are you staying at the Wombats Hostel? I think that’s the one the travel agent suggested to me - I think that’s where the trip leaves from. Anyone else staying at this hostel before the trip? Would be good to get to know people before the tour starts :smile:


Hello, everyone! I’m also staying at the hostel the night before the tour leaves. I’m Liz from US. :slight_smile:


Hi! Im Fi! I am doing just the “Adriatic Adventure” portion of the trip so ill finish in Venice!

Im staying at the hostel the night before the tour starts :slight_smile:

Countdown is on… a month today :slight_smile:


Can’t believe it’s only a month to go!!! So excited.

I’m staying at wombats the night before.

Is anyone keen to start a Facebook group for before we leave??


sounds good!


Cassie, where are you heading after the trip? I’m going to Dublin a few days later before I go back to the States. Hoping to fit in a couple days in Madrid in between. :slight_smile:


Yep I’m in! I’m staying at Wombats for 3 nights before the trip starts. My name is Cassie Kennedy on facebook if you can find me? Whats everyone elses? So excited! :grinning:


Hi Liz. No set plans yet but I’m meeting a friend on the 8th of August after the trip and we were actually thinking of heading to Dublin as we have other friends in Ireland. Maybe I will be able to head up there earlier with you. What day do you go to Dublin?


Hi All,

I’ve created a facebook group titled ‘Topdeck - Summer Fun and Sailing - 8 July 2016’. You will just need to search for it and ask to join and I can accept it.

Thanks :slight_smile: