Summer Fun and Sailing 6th Sep


Hey Everyone

I have just booked summer fun and sailing for Sep 6th 2013!!!
Heading solo, anyone else heading these dates??



My names Daniel (24y.o) i booked mine on xmas day… :slight_smile:
Going to be a lonesome traveller…

So excited for the beers in Germany for Oktoberfest…!!!


yes it should be AWESOME!!! so excited!


Should make an fb page.?


Do it! post the link up! :slight_smile:


Ok all sorted…
Search for summer fun & sailing 6th Sept 2013 and there should be a page to like :slight_smile:


Hey guys I’ve also booked on this tour. Booked mine back in October lol can’t wait to go!! :smiley:


Yay! So excited!!!


Hi there - I have just booked in for the tour, so excited! I am a 23 year old female from NZ and I’m looking forward to the Greek Islands more than anything. Sailing and drinking…a good combination haha.


Hey guys - Has anyone on this forum joined the Topdeck Meet App? It’s really good and there are others on there from the tour who arent on this forum. If you haven’t got it I suggest downloading it, it’s free and is a good way to chat to others who have joined this tour :smiley: