Summer fun and sailing, 5Th august-30Th august


Hey all,
was just wondering who else was going to be on the summer fun and sailing trip from the 5Th of august till the 30Th 2011?
there are 4 of us girlie’s from Australia going and wanting to finds some peeps that will party down and have some fun times kicking it Europe style!!! :slight_smile:


Hey, I am also doing this trip, by myself though. Im also from Australia and my first big trip overseas!! Are you staying at the clink hostel before we set off? Would be nice to catch up the night before! you should also join the facebook topdeck page thingo! :slight_smile:


yea we are staying at clink before hand as well , its our first big holiday like this as well tropical islands don’t count lol!! myself and another girl are doing a 14 day UK and Ireland tour as well, we’re staying at clink before and in between the two tours so a catch up up before is on the cards for sure!!! not long to go!! ;D


oh i have no idea how to find the facebook jigger coz there is like 50 million options and im to lazy to sort thru them all, i’ll figure it out…


ahh wicked! ohh I just made a little discussion thing!
Not long to go now! getting excted ;D