Summer Fun and Sailing 3 Sep 2010


[br]Hi![br]I’m new to Topdeck and have put down a deposit on Summer Fun and Sailing on 3 September 2010. Thought it would be nice to perhaps meet some other people doing this tour aswell before it begins. Hope to hear from people soon!!![br]Kat:-[


Hey Kat, Im doing the same tour but i leave on the 29th of August. Cant wait!! Hope u have an awesome time[br][br]Nic


Hi Kat!

Am Sarah… i am doing this tour as well… there was a previous topic for this tour but it has disappeared for some reason… I am from Sydney and am 29


Hi Guys,

I’m doing this tour as well, leaving on 3rd September. My first time overseas and travelling alone…nervous but excited! Would be good to meet people before the tour. Im from Perth :slight_smile:
When are people getting to London, and staying where?


Hi Everyone!!

Was curious whether others had facebook and maybe we could add each other on there to get to know each other before
leaving Australia. My name is Katarina Pettersson and am from North Brisbane. Search for me and send me an email when you
request my friendship and state that your doing Summer Fun and Sailing on the same date as me and I’ll add you!!!

Kat :-*


Hey all!

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Hi, I’m about to book this tour. I’m 25, from W.A and this is my first trip to Europe, I’m also travelling alone. I’m planning on arriving in London on the 2nd of September and staying on a gf’s couch for the night. What date are you flying over Belinda?


Welcome Tar-nea! You will love Europe… any place in particular you are looking forward to the most??



Hi Tar-nea,
Where about’s in WA are you?? Im heading over on the 27th August. What are you doing after this tour??

Belinda :slight_smile:


Ladies and Gentleman,

Me and 2 mates have booked in for this tour…HOW GOOD does it look! B-) B-)

Happy Days Ahead People!

Mr E


Facebook Group page started…JOIN NOW!/group.php?gid=115814938430871&ref=nf


Hey guys,

My mate Lisa and I are locked in for this tour! We’re both from Sydney and super excited!!

We’re staying at Clink hostel the night before departure. Be great to catch up with anyone for some bruskies if you’re around. :wink:



Hey guys,

I have finally found this discussion board, seems like the last one has vanished.

My fiance’ Shannon and I are doing this tour as part of a few months in Europe. We can’t wait!

I think we are staying at the clink before the tour, would be awesome to meet for a drink the night before we head off.

I have joined the facebook group, looking forward to getting to meet you all on tour!



Woohoo! Bring it on



me and my mrs are going and so is two other friends. we are 29,28,27 & 26.
we will be at the clink before the trip also
we all from perth also and be going to southwest 4 music fest in london a few days prior if anyone is keen???