Summer Fun and Sailing 2nd of August 2008


Hey guys![br][br]I can not wait for our tour!!! Im Ash, 22 from Melbourne and ill be doing the tour with my uni mate Carlin, he’s also 22 and from Torquay. Yep more aussies! haha So excited!! We’ll be in london from the 30th july.[br][br]Just wondering… do we really need to take a sleeping bag coz im not sure if ill have enough room in my bag and not real keen on lugging it around…[br][br]Looking forward to meeting and partying with you all!! :)[br]


P.S Can i request Sammy the bus driver for our tour :wink: hehe


Nice work Danielle and Ash, more of us already, should be awesome, looking forward to meeting you all…[br][br]With the sleeping bag, I have a friend who just finished the same tour, and I think you do need one… if you go to they’ve got sleeping bags that roll down into nothing pretty much for about $50-90 (it can fit in your hand basically, or maybe it’s a giant holding on to it, not sure, haha)… She also recommended getting a travel pillow as well, if you hadn’t thought of that…[br][br]Are you guys staying at the Globetrotter on the night of Aug. 1?[br][br]Not long to go now, bring it on!!


Yeah I went to GoGoGear and got most of my stuff except the bloody sleeping bag. So I’ve got 2 days to find a compact one in the stores! ???[br]Ash I have the same prob, not enough space in my suitcase esp cos I would have done a mass amount of shopping in the US![br][br]My travel agent booked me into express by holiday inn, not sure why so that should be fun for me to be dashing over to globetrotters the next morning! hope its not far!


Hey guys i done this tour in May. You will need your sleeping bag for the sailing part of the tour there is nothing on the boats.[br][br]I stayed at the holiday Inn before the tour too. Its not that far at all but topdeck can pick you up from out the front


Im not quite sure where we’ll be staying in London when we get there… Im hoping i’ll be able to crash for a couple of nights with my cousin who’s living over there and i think it’ll probably be easiest to stay at the Globetrotter on the last night, havnt booked it yet though. [br][br]How long are you all staying in europe for? I’ve got a 12month return ticket. Will anyone be travelling after our tour? Spain and the Greek Islands are at the top of my to-do list and then its on to Oktoberfest!!


I’m over there for a bit under 6 weeks, will be in Spain until the day before the tour, then will chill in London after the tour until I fly out with a few mates who’ll be arriving just before our tour ends (who were at Oktoberfest last year, they said it was pretty special, good times).


Im staying in europe for almost 9 weeks… Will be staying in london after the tour and then later on going to serbia to visit some relo’s… Hopefully stay on the coast of Croatia for a bit! Its beautiful there! [br]I just got my cousins sleeping bag :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully i bring it back in one piece :p[br][br]Cant wait to see everyone… I rekon we should have a facebook group…[br][br]Oh and I heard that the maximum luggage weight that you can take with you is 15kg… Is that true?


Hey all!!! 10 more days!!!;D


Hey guys and dolls![br]Just finished America and now on my way to Greek islands for some recouperation before some solid parting with all you hotties in Europe![br][br]Anyone interested in getting together for a drink the night before for a little warm up?[br][br]Anyone with facebook, feel free to add me: Danielle Saba (I think I’m the only one with that name)[br][br]xx[br][br] [br]