Summer Fun and Sailing 2nd of August 2008


Hey Guys have finally paid to go on this tour! I seriously can’t wait! So excited! Soo who else will be going on this tour? Gimme a brief run around of yourself…[br][br]Im 21 from Sydney and female… will be starting this tour from France instead of England.


Hey!! My boyfriend,27, and I, 25, are going on this tour. I am so excited as well! We will be starting in Paris as well.


ahhhhhhhh yay![br]hey sunnie lol shes my cousin :smiley: im stef too - 21 from syd[br]where are you and your boyfriend from?[br][br]=][br][br][br]steffybum =]


Oh!! I got so excited there was someone else I forgot to tell you that! Hehe:) We are from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


haha yay[br]wait, there are three of u?[br]i apologise- im slightly blonde :)[br]oh im so excited now that its like under 2 months away!!![br]aaaaaaaaargh


Oh, no! Ottawa is our city, Ontario is our province and Canada is my country, there are only two of us. I know it’s coming quite quickly eh? Are you starting right in London? We are starting in Paris and ending in London. We are going to stay for 3 days once we come back, can’t decide where to stay though.


oh hey look at that[br]me and sunnie are also staying an extra few days in london after the tour![br]we should hangout haha :D[br]im actually starting in france too - meeting sunnie there and then starting the tour because Im actually going to be in serbia first for a few days to see family :)[br]


Wow, that totally rocks!! We fly into Paris at around 10 in the morning on Aug 2nd. Do you know which hotel or hostel it is we are staying at in Paris? We don’t have the itinerary yet.;D I guess they only wanna give you that once you pay in full!


you can actually get the itinerary off the top deck website :slight_smile: its on the tour page at the bottom on the right :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I looked at the itinerary and it is pretty detailed but they don’t say which specific accommodations we will be staying at.


well iv looked at it too n i agree steph[br]but im just so excited about the trip in general[br]we can make fun wherever we stay!![br]i am SO excited - counting down the days!!


Hey guys. I just got back from this tour it’s absolutely awesome you’ll have so much fun. Sailing was great fun enjoy! im jelous


That is so great to hear Jake!! Do you have any tips on things to do or not do?


Yeah go and have fun and enjoy just remember its a hostel tour not a hotel tour. Enjoy it is as much as you can it flies by


Hi all,[br][br]So looks like there’ll be a few of us on the tour after all, I’m all booked and paid up, and getting pretty excited about it, not far away at all!! I assume you guys are staying at the Globetrotter the night before we start Eurotrip as well? I’ve also got a mate who’s doing the tour with us, so that’s another 2 to the list. I’m 28 from Sydney, and she’s 26 (Aussie as well, but living in London at the moment).[br][br]Anyway, can’t wait, will be great to meet you all.[br][br]Damian


aww yay another aussie :)[br]not long to go at all![br]im all paid up too thankgod[br]now im just counting down the days![br]


Yay!! We made our final payment last night as well. I’m flat broke but so excited!:sunglasses:


Hey guys… I can’t believe it almost a month away!!! Had a cousin that just came back from a tour herself she said it was pretty good… I’ve also made my full payment as Stef mentioned… And now am broke as… I’ll be staying in England after the tour and then will spend a month at serbia to visit some relo’s that I’ve never met before lol… Will be exciting to meet a whole bunch of new people! CAN’T WAIT!


thankgod im done with uni - final exam today so now its just work work work and save save save til i leave haha[br]soo friggin excited[br]


Yay! I can finally bloody write a post![br][br]Hey guys I’m doing this tour also![br]I am 25yrs old from Syd Australia and funnily enough doing it on my own too![br][br]I leave here on the 12th July and I’m heading to America and Greek Islands first so I’ll be really into the party swing by the time Summer Fun & Sailing start so prepare guys and gals to have a blast![br][br]My poor liver :stuck_out_tongue: