Summer Fun and Sailing: 29th April - 25th May 2016


Hi, anyone else going on this tour? :slight_smile:


Hi Justine!
I am doing this tour :smile:


Brilliant! Are you staying at Wombats beforehand too? :slight_smile: Where are you from?


I am from Melbourne!! How about you? Do you have Facebook??


Super! I am from New Zealand :stuck_out_tongue: but living in France at the moment. Yes I do, my name on it Justine de Maroussem. Feel free to add me :slight_smile:


Hey guys I’m doing this tour too!!
So excited! I’m from Sydney and I’ll be staying at the wombats a few days before the tour starts!


That’s super! :smile: I’ll be staying at Wombats the night before so we could meet then. Do you have Facebook?


I do Lauren E Ward. I think I found you on Facebook from an earlier post you put with your name :blush:


I’m about to book this trip myself, already have the tickets to London, arriving the 27th! :smile:

I’m a 22 year old guy from Canada, looking forward to end of April


Loving these replies! So excited to do this trip- Stalk me down on Facey if you haven’t already Elise Smith (Farrugia) love chatting about the trip! Not long to go guys!!


Added you guys on Facebook!


Hi everyone, I’m on this tour as well. Doing it with my boyfriend. So excited to be on this tour and meet new people and see the amazing places we will see :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from New Zealand and I am also doing this tour as well and looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Hiya new friends, I’m Hannah and from Brisbane, only 16 days until we meet - maybe sooner !! I will be staying at Wombats too :smiley:


That’s awesome! I’m from New Zealand too! What’s your name on Facebook? :slight_smile:


Super! Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else :slight_smile: do you have Facebook?


No, I don’t have Facebook. Getting excited about the trip now though !


Not long to go ladies!! xx


Hi guys! My friend and I will also be going on this tour. Both from Perth. Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow :slight_smile: