Summer Fun and Sailing - 26th June 2018


Hi all, I’m a 20 year old solo traveller from Melbourne - Aus. Was just wondering if anybody else was venturing on this trip by themselves?? :smiley:



My name is Alyce - I’m from Newcastle NSW I’ve just booked this trip for the 26th!! I’m going solo. I’ve seen that there are a few of you that are also going solo, I’m super excited! Planning to spend a few days in London before the tour starts so we will have to meet up. I’m 20 years old!

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Hi @AshleeC and @Alyce_Hodgson i am looking at doing this tour as well as a solo traveller!

I am from Sydney and will be 20 by the time of the tour and will also be in london a few days before the tour and would be keen to meet beforehand!


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Alyce Grace :slight_smile: we can plan to meet up and sight see together. We may even be able to book the same flight I’ll be flying out of Sydney!


Hey Guys!
I’m thinking of doing this tour solo. I’ll be 19 by then & flying out of Melbourne !!
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