Summer Fun and Sailing- 26th July to 21st August 2016



Myself and my boyfriend are going on this trip and we’re just reaching out to see if we could find anyone else also on the trip before we go!!
We are travelling from Australia and wanting to find anyone else going?
Also keen to catch up with anyone before the trip in London :smile:

Counting down the days! :smile:


Hey! I am tossing up between this tour and the grand European. I have recently had all my plans changed as my friend is no longer coming and now traveling solo from Australia! It’s scary but exciting :slight_smile:


@Nicola_Mavros that’s so exciting!
You should definitely do the trip we are on haha
Well anyway if you do come on this trip would you be starting in London?
Where abouts in Australia are you from… East coast? :slight_smile:


Yes I will decide in the next week or so as I need to start booking haha!
Either tour I do I will be starting in London as I will head up and week or so before to see some family friends :slight_smile: I am from little ol tassie :slight_smile: you?


Oh cool fair enough :slight_smile: yeah we are spending a few days beforehand in London to squeeze as much in as possible before the trip haha does the other trip start around the same time as our one?
Oh yeah we are two hours south of Perth, so on complete opposite sides of the country! :slight_smile:


Yes there is lots to see there too! Very exciting :slight_smile: yes most of the tours I have been looking at seem to depart every few days around the same time as one another depending :slight_smile: so I reckon there would be a fair few people around London before their tours :slight_smile:


@chiarasmith96 Yes there is lots to see there too! Very exciting :slight_smile: yes most of the tours I have been looking at seem to depart every few days around the same time as one another depending :slight_smile: so I reckon there would be a fair few people around London before their tours :slight_smile:


@Nicola_Mavros Yeah I’ve noticed that as well :slight_smile: Do you have flights or anything booked yet? or did you not get to that before your friend pulled out haha?
I’m getting more and more excited about it, I went to America and Canada last year and I wasn’t that prepared so I’m trying to get organised a bit in advance haha :smile:


I did but we cancelled them and getting refunded because I didn’t want to do it alone… But then I was like I just want to do it so badly so I am going solo :grin: That would have been awesome! Haha it pays to be organized, even though with the tours a lot is done for you but I guess the before and after makes it a lot less hectic and more enjoyable :+1:t3::+1:t3:


ohh right fair enough! I am travelling with my boyfriend, but even if you’re travelling alone you will be in a big group and by the end you would have probably made more friends anyway :slight_smile: haha
Yeah it was amazing! That’s what I love about the tours, I don’t have to worry about hotel bookings and how I’m getting from one place to the next… It’s all sorted. Even the fact that most meals are covered takes a bit of stress off my budget haha :smile:
Are you going through a travel agent? or just booking everything yourself? :smile:


Yeah it will be a great time to make friends and meet heaps of new people so I am looking forward to it :slight_smile: yes! That is why I was so drawn to doing a tour as I like to plan things well so if I organized it all myself it would do my head in haha :joy: Going through a travel agents :slight_smile: got a friend who works as one and probably get some good deals! You?


Oh absolutely! I can’t wait to meet new people :smile:
Yeah I’ve been driving Jacob crazy with trying to be prepared for everything ahah
Yeah we went through a travel agent, and she has been awesome so far… All we’ve basically gotta do now is pay off our trip and start saving for spending money ahah :slight_smile:


Haha he will thank you though when everything runs smoothly :laughing: Yes they do take all the hassle out of most things so it’s a pretty good way to do it :ok_hand:t3: how exciting!!


Hahaha yes exactly :joy: Yeah I like that I have someone to rely on back home as well, just in case something goes wrong!
Were you originally going to do the summer fun and sailing with your friend?


Yes as if you did it all yourself you only have you to blame haha. Nah we were doing a shorter one but if going alone I wanted to do a bit longer and didn’t mind spending a bit more which she didn’t ha.


Yeah, you do what you want! :slight_smile: I would hate to have any regrets about this trip… We were looking at shorter/cheaper ones, but decided that while we are there we may as well do everything we want to do! :slight_smile:


Yes if you are making that long flight over may as well spend more and get the most out of it! I still want to do the Greek islands too but if I do a longer tour I may not be able to fit it in! I will definitely have to let you know if I book on this tour :slight_smile:


Yeah I really wanted to do Italy, Greek islands and Croatia… So this trip was kind of perfect :slight_smile: haha
Yes, you will hahha you seem like an awesome person, so it would be great to have you on the same trip :slight_smile:


It ticks all the boxes for you! This and the grand European are so similar it’s hard to pick! Haha thank you!! You too :slight_smile: got to have fun!!


Yeah we looked at the grand European as well when we were booking, but a few things just didn’t suit for what we wanted… The only thing we are concerned about is the rooming situation, but apparently if we talk to our tour leader at the beginning of the trip they try to accomodate us :slight_smile: but that’s a tiny thing hahha