Summer Fun and Sailing 25th June 2010


Anyone booked on this trip?

90 days to go!! ;D


Hey Georgia

My self and 3 friends are booked on the Croatian sailing leaving on the 25th June 2010.
Is this the one your booked on?



Hey James

No I’m booked on the Summer Fun and Sailing trip which is different to yours I think!


I’ve booked this trip, 2 months left! :slight_smile:


Hi myself and me sister have booked this trip. Can’t wait!!! Love Europe. We’re gonna have so much fun :slight_smile:


Hi Brienne and Jen

Are you going to be staying at the clink before the trip?


Hi Georgia

Yep jess and i are staying at clink the night before but we will be in London from the 10th of June. We should catch up at clink the night before :slight_smile:


Hi Jen

That would be great…I’m traveling alone and a little scared haha. I’ll be in London from the 23rd of June staying at the clink for the two nights before departure and 5 nights after the trip. What part of Aus are you from? I’m from brisbane. Do you have facebook? :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia

Yes i have facebook. Add me then we can talk better: Jennifer Lee-Shervey. I’m from victoria. Don’t be scared we’ll have so much fun!!!


Hi guys

Me and my boyfriend are booked on this trip too…only 2 weeks to go really - can’t wait!!
We are probably staying at the Clink the nights before too so might see you there :slight_smile: