Summer Fun and Sailing 25 May 2012


Hey just worked out how to do this and was wondering if anyone has booked this tour? Im heading over on my own at this stage is anyone else???



I’m looking into booking something at the moment, travelling alone also. Will probably be two smaller tours, and slightly earlier in the year…I’m hoping to start with a 4/5 day tour in Turkey for ANZAC day.

Have you found things relatively easy to sort out thus far?



Hey Hey!

Im thinking about doing this one too!
I arrive in London at the end of April and wanted to do something beginning of May. I’ll be a lonesome traveller as well until the end of June.
Do you think it will be warm enough for sailing in May?


I’ve heard it is warm enough, but happy to be corrected on that one!


I’ve found it really easy to organise but then my friend is also my travel agent… I have just booked a night at the Clink before we go so i have time to get myself organised. im pretty sure it will be warm enough for sailing in May. Im heading over mid may and will be travelling around until end of July, can’t wait!