Summer Fun and Sailing 20th July!


Hi everyone, just seeing who else out there is heading on this adventure, were a couple from brisbane! If your another couple or evan if your not, than hi. Cant wait for the trip.


hi! me and my boyfriend are going on summer fun and sailing but we leave on the 13th of July! have you got any info about sleeping arrangements because we have been told we most probably wont be in the same room on the trip which sucks haha but do you know anything about this?


hey, yeh ive heard the same thing, some places if you team up with another couple you can share rooms together ive been told, you guys should go on the 20th instead lol


hey :slight_smile: im 18 from aus originally but living in the uk and will be on the 20th of july one !!
can’t wait


hey how are you? Im matt, we will be getting to london around the 16th of july. any suggestions of where to stay? As your local now. Add me on facebook