Summer Fun and Sailing 2016 June 7th- July 3rd


Hey everyone!! Only a couple months away now but was curious as to see who else is booked on this tour. 25yo kiwi lad travelling from NZ with two mates!! Counting down the days and can’t wait!!


@Daely_Overdevest I’m book on this tour and I’m travelling by myself. At least I know I won’t be going by myself!.


Hey matt, sounds good! Was thinking the same thing aswell that wel be going by ourselves haha. Didn’t see you had started a post already, hopefully more people jump on and get in contact beforehand. You from NZ also?


All good, It wasn’t me who started a post, someone asked if anyone was on it, I said i was… and since then no one has joined… lol yes it would be good to talk and meet people who will be on the tour. Nar I’m from Newcastle over the ditch… Just looking at the count down today, nearly 3 months to go!


I’m coming on this one too! :smiley: So keen!


@Matt_James for sure mate better to know a few names before the tour starts. People are slowly joining :grinning: @Penne_Hooper where abouts are you from? Should all get the Topdeck App and can chat on there also.


Yeah I figured that out before and wrote on the chat! Me and my boyfriend Darcy are coming from Brisbane, Australia! It’s gonna be so fun!


Hey guys, I’m daelys mate going on the same trip, should be heaps of fun, exciting stuff!!


I’m on the app to, will talk to you on there :smile: .