Summer Fun and Sailing 17th May 2008


Hi,[br][br]I am heading off on this tour. Is anyone else online on this tour? I’m likely to be travelling by myself although I do have a couple of friends saying they are interested. I’m really looking forward to it![br][br]Nicola.


Hi Nicola,[br][br]I booked this trip on Friday for the same dates! Its nice to know someone else is going too. It’s my first time on this sort of trip, and will by travelling by myself. Can’t wait[br][br]Martin


Hey guys, just wanted to say we (me, my cousin, his wife and a mate) have all booked this tour but on the 26th July. You will have to post on here and let us know how you go. We have also put the call out to others to see who’s in on the same tour as us but we have no takers as yet…(hopefully we’re not the only ones on it lol)


I’m coming too! I AM SO EXCITED![br][br]:sunglasses: