Summer Fun and Sailing 15th July


Hi Everyone,
Was wondering if there were any fellow top-decck travellers about to embark on the Summer fun and sailing tour that leaves London on 15th July?
I will also be staying in Clink Hostel a couple of days prior and looking forward to meeting you all really soon.


Hey Kate! You know, you’re the first person that has replied about this tour that meets with the European Escape tour (which I’m going on)! I’m starting to think that the bus is going to be very empty! LOL But I’m looking forward to meeting you! :slight_smile:



Hi Shan,
I am sure your bus will be full :)- I havent had any replies to mine either which is all very encouraging!! lol :slight_smile:
I am in Clink hostel atm. I will be logging in this arvo so if you want to meet up sometime if your around you can email me or message back here…
my mobile is on the blink atm unfortunately.
Anyways hope to see you around.
:slight_smile: Kate