I’ve just booked Summer Fun & Sailing for the 13th of June & would love to speak to anyone else who has booked for these dates or thinking about it!
I’m 23 from Melbourne, Australia & will be travelling by myself!
Haven’t booked any accommodation for beforehand but will be looking to stay in London a few days before we go if anyone has any pointers?!


Hey! I’ve also booked this trip and will be traveling by myself! I’m 23 from Auckland, NZ.
I’m going to stay with my friends for a few days in London but I’ve booked to stay at the Wombats hostel the for the last night before we head out. Have you booked accommodation yet?


Hi Ash & Keely!
I’m also booked into Summer Fun & Sailing starting June 13th. I’m 20 from Newcastle, Australia and will also be travelling solo. I’ve booked accommodation for 3 nights before & 3 nights after the tour at Wombats Hostel in London. I’ll be in London & Scotland with my family from May 26th - June 5th & Paris from June 5th - June 9th (for my 21st birthday).

I’m so excited for this tour and can’t wait to make some new friends! Bring on Europe Summer 2017. :airplane::sunrise::sunny::anchor::heart_eyes:


I’m doing this one too! And heading over by myself :slight_smile:


I’m 21 and I’m also at the wombats hostel the day beforehand


Thinking about booking this now , 24 on may 20th and I’m from Perth :slight_smile:


Tossing up date to book for but 13th looks good :raised_hands:t2::ok_hand:t2::airplane:️:fire:


Hey, I’m Bec (21),

I didnt know this forum existed but I’m travelling this tour with my boyfriend Alex from the 13th June to July 9th.
We are starting at London, is anyone else?



I’ve just booked this tour as well! I’m 21 from Brisbane and will be travelling solo too. I’m getting into London a few days before the tour starts, does anyone have any suggestions for accommodation?!