Summer Fun and Sailing 12th July & European Horizons 20th July 2016


Hey fellow travelers!
Heading on the European Horizon’s trip on the 20th of July 2016 with another friend.
I believe this tour is then met by the Summer Fun and Sailing tour (which will have started on the 12th of July)
Am now contemplating doing the full 27 days!
Coming from Tassie in Australia!
Looking to see if anyone else out there is going.
Cant wait!



My girlfriend and I are doing the summer fun and sailing we’re from brisbane


Awesome! Well we were doing the European Horizons tour but have extended it so now we’re doing the full Summer fun and Sailing. Counting down the days! Cannot wait. Great to see some Aussie’s on board :smile:


I have been looking at the summer fun and sailing July or August but there is a few other tours I am thinking of too. I will be going solo but am also from tassie :slight_smile:


I’m all over the place! I’ve actually changed my tour and am now doing the US!!