Summer Fun and Sailing 11th May 2012


Anyone booked on this trip? Say hi if you are :slight_smile:


Hey Ellie,

I just booked!!! So excited. When do you arrive in London?

Anyone else on this tour?


Ive booked! With a mate of mine cant wait!


Yeahhh Lucy! Thatโ€™s so cool we ended up on the same tour! haha
Aussies represent! :smiley:
I arrive on the 9th May in London, not sure of my plans those 2 nights, gonna try catch my cousin etc. You on Facebook Lucy?


codes- where and you and your mate from?

ellie- i know very awesome! ill pm you fb


Awesome Lucy, Ellie McMillan and Iโ€™m playing guitar in my profile pic just incase you cant find me haha
Codie is on fb too!
Go team!