Summer Fun and Sailing 11 May 2018


Hi, any one else booked this tour for these dates?? First time travelling solo, would love to meet people before the trip


Hi Hayley
You are not alone, it will be my first time travelling solo too! :grinning:
I will be in London a few days earlier to do my own travelling but I’d be happy to meet before the trip starts :slight_smile:


Looks like that makes 3 of us :slight_smile:
I’ve booked in this tour for May and also Travelling solo. I too will be in London for a few days prior and keen to meet others on the tour.

Look forward to meeting you guys!


Awesome!! I’m flying into London on the 9th, am looking forward to meeting you both!! :smiley:


Just booked this trip too! I’m a solo traveller too and am so keen to meet you girls in London before hand xx


Hey ladies! I’m thinking about booking this trip solo and I’m coming from the US, but I have no clue what I would do or where i’d go once I arrived at the London airport. Would anyone want to meet up and explore the city together?


Hey Hannah, I fly in 2 days before the tour, am definitely keen to explore :blush:


Hi Hannah,
Yes, you definitely should!
I’m currently in the process of booking tours and making an itinerary of what I’d like to see and do. I’m happy to share any ideas I have :slight_smile:
Maybe we could create a fb group with all us girls to find a date we can all meet up and that way if anyone is interested in doing the same things, whoever would like to join in, can :slight_smile:


That sounds perfect! I’d love to be part of a private group chat so we can learn more about each other and share our travel plans!


Hi!! I’ve just booked on this tour, and I’m solo aswell :slight_smile:️ Is anyone coming from Perth?


Ashlee yes! I fly from Perth to London on the 8th of May


Awesome!! Did anyone make the Facebook group? Do you want to add me on fb?


@hayley_s @Ashlee_L I am travelling from Perth to London on the 8th too! Most likely we might even be on the same flight.


Oh awesome! I’ve just booked my flights today, I’m going over a bit earlier I’m leaving Perth on the 4th of May :slight_smile:


Hi girls,

I too have booked this trip! I’m a solo traveller as well from NZ and will be flying in two days before! I would love to explore London with you all! :slight_smile: Would be great to get to know each other beforehand!


If you guys haven’t already, download the topdeck app, we have a group chat with everyone going!