Summer Fun and Sailing 02SEP 2016


Hey Everyone! my name is Nicole and Im 23 from Auckland, New Zealand :slight_smile: myself and my friend Jordan (Also 23) are doing the Summer Fun and Sailing tour on the 02SEP 2016. Super excited and would be keen to know who else is doing it!! :slight_smile: :airplane:


Hey everyone, Iā€™m Jordan! The other one :slight_smile: Looking forward to this trip so much, so if anyone if joining us or has done this before and has tips! Cant wait :slight_smile:


hahahahahaha the other one even! :joy:


Hey! I am also doing this trip! so excited! cannot wait!! :smile:


OMG awesome!! you are like the only other person who has said they are doing this tour haha


Hey all, my name is Katie, from Adelaide Australia. Also doing this tour along with 5 others. So keen :slight_smile:ļø


Iā€™m doing this tour too! Not long now :smiley:


Hey guys Iā€™m Adrian I will be joining you all on this amazing trip :slight_smile: is everyone staying at the wombats hostel the night before? I arrive in london on the 1st so keen to get over there already