Summer Fun and Sailing 02 SEPT 2016


Hey Everyone! my name is Nicole and Im 23 from Auckland, New Zealand :smile: myself and my friend Jordan (Also 23) are doing the Summer Fun and Sailing tour on the 02SEP 2016. Super excited and would be keen to know who else is doing it!! :smile: :airplane:


I am :slight_smile: so excited to be doing this tour! :laughing::laughing:


Hi Nicole,
Myself and my boyfriend Tim are also doing this tour departing 02 SEPT 2016. My name is Lauren (23) and i am also from Auckland, New Zealand :grin: Super excited and am counting down the days!!


Hi Lauren, we have a Facebook group chat happening! if you see this message add me on facebook and i can add you in :slight_smile: - search for Nicole Chitty