Summer fun an sailing may 13- june 8


Hey was wondering anyone else who was going on this tour


Hey Henry! I’m on this one, where abouts are you from?


I’m from Hamilton in new Zealand an going with a mate from here as well. Hbu?


Same, going by myself though! Should be good!


Where abouts in nz?


Auckland, you?


Hamilton when do you fly over?


Oh sweet! Love a good night out in the tron haha. Leaving NZ in Feb and tripping round Asia for a few months first, will be in London 2 days before I think if timing works out.


sounds fun yeah we are flying in a couple days before then continue traveling after.


Hi guys I’m also booked into this tour! I’m from Australia, melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey Rachie :smile: awesome! Looking forward to meeting ya!


Hay guys. Booked this tour a few months back too. Can’t wait for it. Looks awesome. Single traveller from Auckland too


Hey guys! Can’t wait! My friend and I will be on this tour too! Both of us are from Auckland, New Zealand :slight_smile:


Hello! So excited!! I’ll be travelling with Kelsey :smiley: Good to see a few NZers on this trip!


Hey there guys,

So excited for this one!


Where abouts are you from Elise? :relaxed:


Woohoo! We’re getting a little crew on here now! I’m going by myself, so yall will have to befriend me haha.


Another single! Yuss! Buddie up!


Has everyone downloaded the Topdeck app? You can chat to everyone going on your tour on it :smiley:


Just downloaded it. Looks bloody useful