Summer Fun 29 June!


We have met 3 ppl so far on this tour… who else is coming, if you are thinking about it… COME ON THE 29TH OF JUNE?


It’s the best time to go sneak Wimbledon before hand and the opening ceremony after and of course mediterranean summer!


I’m coming with 2 other friends from college, have you met many others yet?


Hi I am booked in and travelling alone!! cant wait!


I have met 2 others… cant wait to go!! see you there! Ive already started wanting to pack hahha


Hey I join this trip on day 18 in Venice…can’t wait!

The Itinerary outlines that the luggage needs to be a back pack of max 20kgs?

Anyone know how strict they are with this as I will have a suitcase of about the same weight??