Summer fun 2006


Hi :)[br][br]Lisa from Adelaide, Australia here…I’m most likely going to do the summer fun and sailing tour in july o6 with my cousin and would love to hear from anyone who has done this tour or is planning to…i’d particularly like to know which Greek Islands any of you visited and also how much time was spent on land.[br][br]We’re also going to Edinburgh early august…any tips on things to see in 2 days?..has anyone done the monsters, mountains and massacres tour? or a ghost tour of the city?[br][br]Thanks…see you there maybe…


Hi there[br][br]Tracy here from South Africa. My friend and I are also thinking of doing the summer fun and sailing tour in '06!:)Have another friend who did it last year and had an absolute blast!! Not sure of many details other than that it was absolutely awesome!!


HI Tracy :)[br][br] thanks for replying…my cousin and i are starting the 27th of june…when are u planning to go?..we’re booking in the next couple of weeks to get the earlybird specials…[br][br]will this be your first trip to europe? it is for both of us…[br]


Hi Heady[br][br]I hope to be going with two friends of mine…we’re still deciding which on which tour - we might go for European Wonder or Getaway. It will be our first trip to Europe and we are extremely excited…just gotta get past all the admin work firstxx(. But once all that is done, we should be in for a blast!!;D