Summer fin + sailing 7th sep 2012


Hi all, i am booking this tour and would love to meet some fellow travellings as i am travelling solo. Let me know if anyone is looking at doing this one or have booked.



Hey kelly have u booked this tour yet? im looking at going on the 14th sep only time i can make, and plus get to be in munich for october fest…


hay kelly im doing this tour i made another topic about it in the europe catagory (i stuffed up) there are a couple of other girls on there who are planning to do it, im all booked and cant wait :slight_smile:
steve the 7th is a garenteed departure and is also in munich for octoberfest :slight_smile: they were my priorities when i was booking :slight_smile:


Hey tammy yeah the 14th is also a garenteed departure i see alot off people are doing the 7th i havent booked yet but im contracted to play cricket till the 9th sep in the uk but i myt ask the club if i can end early so i can cum on the 7th…


Oh really I thought the 7th was the last Gaanteed trip of the year wen I booked it must of changed n yeah I have spoken with a few people going on the 7th havnt seen any 14ths yet lol


yeha it must of changed, so guess there must b people going on that day, but will try get the 7th, yeha i havent seen any either :frowning: lol so many people are from auzzy, havent seen many people from new zealand


I’m hoping to do this tour around aug/sept. Now I know Oktoberfest is involved I’m thinking of doing the 7th or 14th.


stephie think you should do the 14th : )


hi guys…good to know some more ppl have booked on this one…as far as i know the 14th of september departure wont be in munich over oktoberfest (as per the brochure unless its changed)…cannot wait for this tour going to be so much fun!! i reakon it will be mostly ozzies on this bus…we know well have a good time:) haha


ps…who ever is at the clink hostel on the 6th(night before the tour) we deff have to head out on the town:) woohoo soooooo pumped!!


Yes we will have an amazing time :slight_smile: n I’ll be staying at the clink on the 7th will deffenetly have to hit the town


Hey I just booked today and im doing it solo too :slight_smile:
Is this your first time travelling?
How exciting!


yay!! no not my first time travelling ive done a contiki tour before but first time with topdeck! looking forward to it…good to see some kiwi’s onboard:)


Hey all I’m on this too. Have been commenting in the other thread Tammy made.

Yay for more kiwis! :smiley:

PS - couldn’t agree more with you Tammy… Munich for Oktoberfest… was the selling point for me to book this tour on the spot!


PS I love that the topic is summer ‘fin’ and not ‘fun’. Maybe we’ll see some sharks sailing? haha jks…


thanks for taking the piss ash lol…i think we may see some sharks while sailing around greece …ahaha…bit of a typo there but lets roll with it


Hahaha, bloody 'straya day mate!! That’s how we roll!!! Really bad puns and jokes… there will be many on our tour! hahaha Sorry in advance LOL. AH, can’t wait for Greece. My bro tells me Croatia is the best though :slight_smile:


Hey all I have booked for on the 7th and am staying at the clink the night before. I’m looking forward to the trip. I have been talking on Tammy’s other folder for summer fun and sailing on the 7th… I will be in London from the 6th of August if anyone wants to go out? Counting down the days at work already and it’s only my second day back for the term lol!


Hay wat kind of rooms is everyone planing on getting at clink like private or big rooms I dnt want to stay with a complete bunch of strangers I’d rather stay with ppl I will begetting to know over the next Month lol


I have booked a shared room… It looks like a good hostel.