Summer Compass - First Trip, Traveling Alone - Nervous! - 13th August


Hi all!

So this is my first trip - using TopDeck! I am mega excited - however I am so nervous because I will be traveling alone and I won’t know anyone! - I am 24 years old :slight_smile:

I will be spending 4 days in London and then the trip and heading off to Russia!

I was wondering if anyone will be in the same sort of boat as me so I know I am not alone!!!

I am so excited for this trip :smiley:


Hey Girl
I don’t know if you downloaded the topdeck app just yet, but its separate from this forum and most people try to connect on there first. I’ve made the same mistake and only just realised everyone has been on the app.
Im doing the same tour but mine departs on the 18th of June, BUT I HOPE YOU’LL HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!

Soph x