Summer Compass dep 18 June - seeking couples


Hey couples!

My boyfriend and I are on the Summer Compass tour departing London on 18th June, just wondering if there are going to be any other couples on this trip that we can get in touch with beforehand so we can organise room shares and try to avoid being split up on sleeping arrangements :slight_smile:

Looking forward to our trip! :smiley:



hey there!
Not a couple, but I’m on the same trip! Looking forward to meeting you guys!



Hey Soph,

Looking forward to meeting you too!
Not too long now, the countdown is on!



Hey Kellie,
Just thought i’d let you know that there is actually an app on google /apple store that if you download on your phone it connects you with everyone else on your tour who downloaded the app.
This forum doesn’t appear on the app so they wouldn’t see your post on there.

:slight_smile: We also have a facebook group Now if you’d like to join, just download the app and we’ll add you to it.

Excited for the trip. ITS ALMOST HERE!