Summer Compass 5th June 2018


Hi, is anyone else going on this tour? First time travelling and will be going solo, would love to get to know people before the trip! :smile:



I will be on the Costal Roam for the 5th June, I believe our trips link up.

Im Amy - 25 also first time doing a tour :smiley:


Hey Amy!

Oh that’s awesome!! Where are you travelling from?
I’m from Melbourne Australia - 28 I’m so excited! lol


Hi Jaide,

I am from Australia also but I am doing the June the 19th trip.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Oh it’s going to be amazing!!

I’m spending a few days in London before the tour starts as you don’t spend any time there. Are you going to do the same?


Hi Jaide, I so am.

Super keen to visit London :slight_smile: Are you staying at Generator- we are obviously going to be in London/Europe on different days but would be great to see how you find the trip.
Its my first time going overseas I am so keen but so nervous.


No I’ll be staying at the Imperial Hotel while I’m in London.
It’s my first time going overseas too so I understand the keen but nervous - it’s like a nervous excitement haha!

I wish we were going on the same dates! It would be so nice to have someone to hang out and explore London with as well as the tour! I’m sure we will both have a blast though :smiley:


Hopefully the hotel is nice sounds very flash.

Yes definitely a nervous excitement happening that’s for sure!

It would be so nice I agree as London is so massive as is Europe. But regardless we will both have a fabulous time :grinning: